Call for Proposals

 The call for proposals is now closed. The final date for receiving proposals was May 25, 2014.

Welcome to CSLEE 2014

Guidelines for Proposal Submissions

Paper proposals are now welcomed for the 19th Annual Values and Leadership Conference. Ideally, papers will explore the main conference theme through the five associated lenses, and may also explore one or more of the five sub-themes as indicated below:

Main Conference Theme:
Towards Transformational Leadership:
Values and Ethics for Educational Advancement and Sustainability

The main Conference theme will be explored through a variety of lenses including:

  • The power of emerging media and technology
  • The development of participatory cultures
  • The juxtaposition of local and global perspectives
  • The centrality of relationships and communities
  • The pressures from political interests.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Paul Begley, Nipissing University (retired)
Dr. Charles Burford, Australian Catholic University
Dr. Steven Jay Gross, Temple University
Dr. Kathy Hibbert, Western University
Dr. Pauline Leonard, Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Anthony Normore, California State University
Dr. Jackie Stefkovich, Pennsylvania State University

This year we are also interested in receiving paper and presentation proposals focused on the following sub-themes:

  1. Papers on the ethics and educational purposes appropriate to learning focussed school leadership. What are they? How do we identify them? How do we use them in morally literate ways?
  2. Papers on leadership processes that contribute to sustainability in relationships, organizations, communities and the environment.
  3. Papers on leadership for inclusion – defining and serving the needs of all students through learning focussed school leadership.
  4. Papers on leadership for learning – the new instructional leadership and the context of authentic educational leadership.
  5. Papers that identify or develop resources for professional development in support of authentic leadership that integrates purpose, process and context.

Proposal Deadline
Due to numerous requests, the FINAL deadline for submission of proposals has been extended until May 25, 2014. We continue to plan to communicate notices of acceptance by June 15, 2014; however, there may be some slight delay because of the final deadline extension.

How to Submit
All proposals for the conference must be submitted as Word.doc format files attached to e-mail and sent to Dr. Heather M. Rintoul, concurrent sessions program coordinator, at the following address:

Some Alternate Conference Session Formats:
A Paper is submitted by one author plus up to three co-authors. Papers are oral presentations lasting 15 – 20 minutes and will be scheduled in 90 minutes sessions which will normally include 3 – 4 papers on similar themes. A chairperson for each session will manage time and subsequent discussion.

Research Workshops: A Research Workshop focuses on methodological topics and may involve practical activity. Workshops are submitted by one author plus up to five co-authors. Normally one session (90 minutes) is scheduled for a workshop and presenters will be asked to manage/chair their session.

Round Tables: A Round Table usually involves three or four short presentations linked by theme. Presenters should plan one hour for the presentation and 30 minutes for subsequent discussion.

Symposia: Symposia consist of a 90 minute conference session organized by the submitters. They usually include 3 – 5 papers per session plus a Discussant. A symposium consists of a minimum of 3 papers. In order to guarantee an international perspective, at least two different national perspectives must be represented within the papers presented in the symposium. The proposal for a symposium needs to be handed in as one submission with a description of the symposium (400 words) and a list of all abstracts for all papers linked to it (100 word abstract per paper). A Chairperson and a Discussant must be identified as part of the proposal.

Guidelines for Writing a Proposal Abstract:
Proposals for conference sessions are welcome from all fields of educational research but should align in some way with conference themes and lenses. All proposals (300 words max.) must be submitted electronically as Word .doc file attachments to e-mail sent to the following address:

Pertinent Information:
The paper proposal submission may be as short as 200 words but not exceed a maximum of 300 words, plus references. The following should be included:

– Title of proposal
– Authors(s) of proposal including affiliations and email addresses
– General description of research questions, objectives and theoretical framework
– Methods/methodology
– Expected Outcomes/findings/results

Please identify all contributing authors along with their affiliations and email addresses as part of the proposal, and clearly specify who will be presenting. Please take care in providing accurate information; spelling errors and missing email addresses may result in co-authors not correctly linked to their contributions.


Dr. Heather M. Rintoul


Outstanding Doctoral or Masters students, whose research has focused in some way on the study of values and ethics in educational leadership and administration, are invited to submit a letter of application along with a copy of their completed research thesis, to the Chair of the Paul Begley Award Selection Committee,
Prof. Anthony Normore, at the Department of Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, California Lutheran University, Email: